Best Design Award

Orbit Winder

Unique combination of engineering and design meant to keep your watch in time.
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Luxury Design

Automatic Watches Winder

Multi-purpose on one screen.
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Leather Covered

Watch Self Winder

Carry and Wind your luxury watch safely
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Retro Winder

Single winder with Sapphire Glass
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Fingerprint Lock

Automatic Winding Watch Box

High-speed security recognition algorithm
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Best Design Award

Orbit Winder

Unique combination of engineering and design meant to keep your watch in time.
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Luxury Design

Automatic Watches Winder

Multi-purpose on one screen.
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Fingerprint Lock

Automatic Winding Watch Box

High-speed security recognition algorithm
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Touch Screen

Multipurpose on one screen. Easy to use. Loop winding.

Microfiber Leather

More wear-resistant for a long time without peeling

Adapter or Battery

Keep your charge

Best Watch Winder

KING Luxury offers the best watch winders 2021 to its customers living in any part of the world. Our company has been offering luxury showcases for watch lovers. We have been operating since 2014 and we are proud to offer our new models with our renewed eCommerce platform.

KING Luxury has a wide product range that is designed for special products. We have a passion for luxurious watches, and we want your watches to stay safe with our winders. In addition to this, our winders can be an ideal choice for those who run watch businesses.

If you have been looking for a stylish watch rotator for a while and could not find an appealing one, we can serve you. We design amazing winders with recent technology to offer added security as well as elegance while you are going to showcase your luxurious watches.

Our watch winder Rolex models are high on demand, and you may not want to miss your opportunity to get some of them. Though you can showcase your most precious watch with single-slot models, you can also showcase as many watches as you want at a time with our products.

Right in the following, we have provided brief information about some of our products, which we believe you are going to love. We recommend taking a look at these models one by one in our store. You can find detailed information on their product pages.

Our Automatic Watches Winder product includes five unique models. Thanks to this product, you can keep or showcase 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 watches at a time. It is made of wood, fiber, and glass combination to offer a stylish look. The microfiber leather in its rest area also offers added protection for your watches.

You may also love our Automatic Winding Watch Box product. We offer three unique models in this product, and you can keep or showcase 2, 4, or 6 watches at a time. Thanks to its upright design that looks like a vault, it may be an ideal winder for your watches.

We also believe that you are going to love our Orbit Watch Winder product. We offer two color options in this amazing product. Buyers can choose between gold and silver colors to protect and showcase their watches. They can be a great decorative element in any space too.

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish winder, then you can prefer our Single Watch Winder. We offer a futuristic concept in this amazing product with two different color options. You can choose between dark or light blue LEDs. Needless to say, we believe that you are going to love this affordable model a lot.

Our Watch Self Winder is also an amazing product for those who want to keep their watches safe but do not want to showcase them. This product offers two color options, which are brown and black. It offers added protection for your watches and is especially ideal for traveling.

Another product that you may love is our Watch Winder Box. This product offers both protection and showcasing opportunities for the users. It is designed for a single watch and looks like a transparent vault. You can also choose between three color options, which are black, orange, and metallic gray.

Best watch winder

Best Automatic Watch Winder

KING Luxury is the leading automatic winding watch box manufacturer in the world, and you may want to benefit from our premium-quality products. We offer versatile products that can help you to keep or showcase plenty of watches at a time without any challenge.

In this regard, our automatic models can be highly convenient. Thus, you will not have to worry about taking care of your watches at all. All you need to do is place your watches in them and our products will handle everything on your behalf.

We use an adapter and battery as a power supply in all our automatic products. In this way, you will never have to worry about power outages since the batteries will keep your automated products running. In addition to this, we also offer LED lighting in some of our products for added style and ease of use.

Thanks to the sleep mode available in our products, you will not have to worry about your batteries running low quickly. Although the battery life of our products varies depending on models, each of them runs smoothly for plenty of years before their batteries die.

In addition to this, all our automated models run without any noise. We use premium-quality fiber, faux leather, and glass in our models to make sure that we offer the best winders for you. In short, our automated products are the best options you can find on the market to keep or showcase your watches.

KING Luxury has six products with more than a dozen models. Whether you are looking for a multi-watch winder or single watch winder, we can offer you what you are looking for. We have fixed and rotating models, you can choose between. In addition to this, we have a model that is designed completely for protection purposes.

All our products have a Japanese premium-quality motor and are made of fiber, wood, and glass combination. We carefully produce every product so that it can last for a lifetime. These models also have an adapter and battery power supply for versatile charging and running options.

We are pretty sure that our customers will be amazed by the quality of our products. We would like to note that our products are highly addictive with their robust structure, durability, elegant look, and functionality. If you do not want to invest in our multifunctional models, you can start small and check the quality of our products.

Rolex Winder

Rolex is one of the most reputable and preferred luxury watchmakers in the world. Thus, you may want to keep your highly expensive watches in winders with the same quality. For this purpose, our company can offer you quick and safe solutions.

If you would like to showcase your fabulous Rolex watch while you are not wearing it, then you may love our Rolex watch winder models. In this way, you can always check your amazing watch and use it as a decoration element in your room.

Additionally, our automatic Rolex watch winder box can protect your expensive watches against unwanted accidents and provide added protection. You may not want something accidentally to happen to your watch. Our most recent technology products ensure this and thus, you will not have to worry about anything but enjoying your amazing watches.

Our company also offers a self winder for Rolex. If you do not want to showcase your watches but you want to make sure that they are safe, then you should not miss your opportunity to check out this model. As you know, dust is the worst enemy of all watches, and we can provide peace of mind to you in this regard.

KING Luxury has been the first choice of those who have been looking for the best watch winder for Rolex for many years. With more than 8 years in the industry, we are proud to be the leader in the international market.

Cheap Watch Winder

One of the biggest advantages of preferring our products is we offer premium-quality rotating watch box models at affordable prices. You can compare our prices with any other company in the industry. You can easily notice the huge price difference between our models and other models on the market.

However, our products do not only offer an amazing opportunity in terms of pricing. You can also enjoy a better performance compared to other popular products on the market. Watches and winders are a passion for us, and we pay utmost attention to the satisfaction of our customers.

Thus, we can easily say that you are going to love our products in terms of price-performance ratio. Needless to sale, you are going to renew all your current winders with our stylish, affordable, and new models.

In general, most customers who are looking for a self winding watch for sale visit our store and pick any of our best-selling products. If you would like to enjoy one of the best winders on the internet, you can choose one of our models. Besides they will keep your watches safe, they offer a quite stylish image anywhere you are going to use them.

Without a doubt, you will want to keep them at sight to enjoy them and your watches whenever you look at them. All our models have decorative purposes, in which you can showcase some of your best watches while protecting them.


orbit-watch-winderMany brands produce automatic watch winders. Among them are well-known brands as well as new brands. While some appeal to more affordable budgets, others offer a comprehensive product.

If you have decided to buy an automatic watch winder box and want to buy the best, you should thoroughly research what features you should pay attention to. Automatic watch winders that you will buy from original brands will be more reliable.

It’s essential first to decide what kind of watch winder you want, as the best winder will be the watch winder box that best meets your needs. At this point, you can check out the rest of our article to learn more about watch winders.

Where you shop is also very important when purchasing an automatic watch winder to keep your watches safe and maintain them. Since there are many watch winders on the market, it is good to research the market prices of watch winder models that can meet all your needs.

If you wish, you can find the features you need to look for to discover the best watch winder options from internet shopping sites originating in the continuation of our article. 

How Can We Choose The Best Watch Winder?

Have you decided to buy a watch winder box and do not know much about watch winders? How can you tell if an automatic watch winder box is good? What features are included in the best watch winder boxes? For answers to these and many other questions, you can check out the rest of our article.

When choosing watch winder boxes, the first thing you should do is to use the shopping sites of reliable and well-known brands. Since there are many fake products on the market, the most important point for online shoppers will be to use trustworthy online stores.

Besides, well-known watch brands often also sell automatic watch winder boxes. You can get your watch winder box from the stores of these brands or online shopping sites. To be sure, you can consult the brand that produces your watch, and you can also choose a watch winder box that is perfectly compatible with your watch.

If you don’t have a watch yet and are thinking of buying it, you can get the watch winder box of the same brand together with the watch you want to buy so that you can take advantage of a possible campaign.

Having the same brand of an automatic wristwatch and automatic watch winder box can be more advantageous for your watch and repairing the damage in case of a possible malfunction. Apart from that, automatic watch winder boxes are generally suitable for any automatic watch because they are produced for the basic working mechanism found in every watch.

Those who want to buy the best watch winder will have many options. Those who love luxury and want to give their watches the best care can choose this type of watch winder.

The best watch winder boxes allow you to adjust the number of revolutions per minute and the chamber’s speed where you place your watches with various setting options. This is standard on some automatic watch winder boxes.

With such additional adjustments, you can control the movement capacity of watch winders that simulate your arm and wrist movements on advanced models. In addition, watch winder boxes are highly decorative. They can be made from various materials, and some of these vehicles are usually made of solid glass.

In this way, it is aimed to display the watches and use them as decorations. In other words, watch winder boxes fulfill their main functions by taking care of your watches. On the one hand, they also take their place in the corner of your home as stylish decor.

These tools, which you can put on your nightstand or desk, increase in price as their aesthetic features increase. The best watch winder brands place great emphasis on this aesthetic. Some watch winders are covered with 360-degree glass. 

In this way, they create a complete exhibition atmosphere. Automatic wristwatches, which are carefully placed in the chambers of the watch winders, add a different atmosphere to their space, creating the effect of a piece of art.

What are the Best Watch Winder Models?

Automatic wristwatches can be of many different types, and automatic watch winder boxes are just as diverse. Which watch winder box you choose depends entirely on your preference, needs, and budget.

Many brands have their watch winders. It may be best for you to choose a watch winder box in the brand of your automatic wristwatch for more compatibility. However, there are many watch winders available from different brands.

You can have the best watch winder box by choosing the well-known and quality brands that produce, especially on this product. Watch winders that meet the “best” concept are the watch winders that will best meet your needs.

That’s why it’s a good idea to determine your needs before purchasing a watch winder. Before purchasing, you can compare the features of the watch winder boxes and look at the price-performance relations.

Some watch winder boxes have extra features. In response, prices may also increase. You can order the best watch winder box for you by comparing how much it meets your needs and how much the price has increased in response. 


What Are The Best Watch Winder Box Prices?

How much do the best watch winder boxes cost? Automatic watch winders of well-known and famous brands are slightly more expensive than newer brands. In return, experienced quality materials are offered.

While the prices of watch winder boxes vary widely, prices do vary among the best watch winders. This price can increase even more depending on the watch winder’s material. For example, watch winders made of silver are also available, and prices may be higher.

People Also Ask

Is It Better to Use a Watch Winder or Not?

Watch winders offer great convenience for those who often change their watches and wear a new one for different occasions. If you do not want to reset your watch, have to reconfigure it as well as make sure that it will be in safe hands, then we recommend preferring any of our watch winder models.

Can Watch Winders Damage Watches?

Winders are amazing products that offer added protection for your watches. They should not damage your watches under any circumstances. However, some cheap watch winders may cause damage to your watches.

How Long Should a Watch Be on a Winder?

There is no limitation about how long you should keep your watch in the winder. However, this also depends on the model of the winder you are using. In our models, you can keep your watches as many times as you want without even a question in your mind.

Can a Watch Winder Damage a Rolex?

Winders are designed in a way to provide added protection to watches. However, if you prefer the winders of unknown or new brands, which did not prove their quality in the industry, your watches may suffer damage.