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The orbit watch winder is made for automatic wristwatches to keep the time accurate while design and engineering create harmony for your space.


Orbit Watch Winder

A unique combination of engineering wonders and design will make Orbit Watch Winder one of the most magnificent and special parts of your collection.Made of carbon or wood, the orbiting gyra clock winder is designed to exceed your expectations. Our unique rotation mode offers you a 5-minute clockwise rotation, a 5-minute counterclockwise rotation, a 3-hour continuity, and then a 9-hour stop cycle. Our Orbit Watch winder includes a powerful and quiet motor that is transmitted to your side with a watch mount designed to fit any strap Our Orbit Watch Winder ensures the maintenance of your watches and extends their life. Automatic wrist watches are sensitive to movement they can detect your arm and wrist movements when you take it off your wrist the inactive watch stops working to prevent this watch making machines are manufactured. Orbit Watch Winder proves with this feature that it is not only used for maintenance purposes, but also serves as a decor while protecting your watch from external factors. Appealing to every budget, Orbit watch winder is presented to you with the highest quality material experiences.Orbit Watch Winder leaves you the option of how long and december the watch you have installed will rotate in which direction The control of the anti-magnetic Orbit Watch Winder is completely in your hands You can check our Orbit Watch Winder web page for detailed information and prices.

Outer Material : MDF Wood With Acrylic
Inner material : Stainless Steel
Storage For : Watches
Motor Type  : Japanese Mabuchi
Interior Color : Gold & Silver
Outer Color : Brown & Carbon Fiber
Power Unit : Adapter + Battery
LED Lightning : No
Warranty : 2 Year
Sleep Mode : Yes
Noiseless : Yes
Winding Direction : CCW, CW, CW+CCW

Our handmade orbit gyro watch winder, either made of carbon or wood, has been created to exceed your expectations.

Unique rotation mode
Clockwise rotation of 5 minutes, counterclockwise rotation of 5 minutes, continuity for 3 hours, and then a 9 hour stop, loop.

Iconic and versatile

Our winder is powered by a powerful and very quiet motor. It also comes with a watch mount that can be adjusted to match any wrist strap length.

Orbit Watch Winder

orbit-watch-winderWhat is an orbit watch winder? What are the Orbit watch winder features? Are watch winders necessary for automatic wristwatches? You can find the answer to all these and more on this page. Watch winders are tools made for automatic wristwatches. They provide maintenance of wristwatches and prolong their life. They do this by targeting the working mechanisms of automatic watches.

Automatic wristwatches are motion-sensitive. Wristwatches can detect the arm and wrist movements you make in your daily life. In this way, they continue to work. When you take off your watches from your wrist, the inactive watches stop working.

To prevent this, watch winders are produced. While the primary purpose of watch winders is to keep your watches running and thus maintained, they serve other purposes as well.

While protecting your watches against external factors, they also serve as decor. For all these reasons, the demand for automatic watch winders is increasing. Orbit watch winder boxes are responsible for producing the best watch winder boxes. It offers you automatic watch winder boxes in many varieties and affordable prices.

What are the Features of the Orbit Watch Winder?

You can choose an Orbit watch winder to select the  best watch winder for your luxury automatic wristwatches. Unlike other watch winder boxes, Orbit watches winder appeals to everyone and every budget while at the same time combining the highest quality materials with experienced craftsmanship.

This Finnish brand has a Scandinavian design and European quality. Each piece is custom-made. So it has some advantages and extra features over other automatic watch winder boxes.

Orbit watch winder boxes, which are stylish enough to suit your luxury automatic wristwatch, have silent motors. These motors are essential for rotations that will help keep your automatic watch running.

brown-orbit-watch-winderWhen suitable, watch winders can produce unwanted and disturbing engine noises, and quality engine parts are not used. This is not the case with orbit watch winders. Therefore, it is advantageous over other watch winders. Another advantage is that it contains modes in which the rotation speed and number of the chamber in the watch winder can be adjusted.

You can decide for yourself how many minutes your watch winder will spin and how long it will stop from the options available in the menu of your Orbit watch winder.

For example, you can create a loop by specifying whether it will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, how many minutes this rotation should take, and how long it should stop. Orbit watch winder boxes with such unique settings are a very nice option for those who like to be in total control.In addition to these, the watch winders, which also have a special LED light system, offer a visual feast at night. Orbit watch winders, which have a brilliant design thanks to their portable power supply, are anti-magnetic.

Led lighting and motor movement are also realized thanks to this internal battery. In the chambers inside, there are soft pillows that imitate the arm on which you will place your watches. In this way, your automatic wristwatches will not be scratched in any way.

Orbit watch winders are also an excellent gift option that you can give to your loved ones on special occasions. You can consider Orbit automatic winders, whether for anniversaries, birthdays or as a New Year’s or Valentine’s Day gift.

What are the Orbit Watch Winder Models?

orbit-watch-winder-modelsIt is possible to find many Orbit watch winder models in different styles. Thanks to their designs that appeal to all tastes, Orbir watch winders appeal to many customers. Orbit watch winders, which are highly preferred due to the high quality of the materials used, have high decorative features.

They are produced so thin that they can be used as bedroom decor even independently. Among these models, there are many varieties, from snow globe-shaped to case-shaped. Spherical Orbit watch winder models turn your bedroom into an exhibition, surrounded by transparent glass.

If you wish from the watch winders with LED light options, you can choose those with more than one chamber. For those with more than one automatic wristwatch, such watch winder boxes with more than one chamber are also handy and advantageous.

Those who have automatic wristwatch collections can keep their watches that are not used during the day up to date and at the same time safe by choosing such multi-chamber watch winders. Likewise, you can have an automatic watch winder box that you can use with your partner by purchasing watch winders with dual chambers.

What are the Orbit Watch Winder Prices?

There are many watch winders on the market, but most are unfortunately not original. It is helpful to be careful against such watch winders, which can not protect your watches and cause them to malfunction.

Such fake watch winder products offer options at more economical prices, but they may cost you more when you think long-term.

Such watch winders, which are not compatible with watches or are produced without considering the working mechanism of the watches, can cause damage to your automatic wristwatches. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing your automatic watch winder.

black-silver-orbit-watch-winderOrbit watch winders provide all the care your watches need, thanks to experienced craftsmanship and the use of quality materials. In addition, thanks to its production approach that attaches great importance to aesthetics, Orbit presents its customers with very stylish watch winder options.

There are options for every budget. Orbit watch winder box prices vary according to the properties of the material used, the size of the watch winder box and how many hours it can take, and finally, the level of decorativeness. You can browse the Orbit watch winder web page to browse the Orbit watch winder boxes that suit you best and get a net price.

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  1. Peggy K. Mercier

    Great quality watch winder! arrived way ahead of time! Satisfied customer here. Highly recommended!

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    it came really nice and fast

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    The item came very fast. The packaging was perfect! The product looks very high quality. Value for money. It is fine and works as advertised.

  4. Karen P. Turner

    nice quality and details thanks

  5. John T. Bryant

    very good quality and it came very quiet and fast, I recommend it, definitely buy it

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Orbit Watch Winder

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