Watch Winder


Watch winders are on their way to becoming highly preferred products today. In the digital world we live in, many people prefer smartwatches and automatic watches. Since time management is essential in the busy work tempo, watches have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Wristwatches are an alternative option, especially for those who easily get distracted by their phones. However, there are tools called watch winders for those who want to use their wristwatches for longer.

The automatic wristwatch is considered a wearable technology. This is due to the technology being prepared following the clothing. This means that watches that are not worn for a long time or a specific period may experience problems in their operation. The watches may malfunction and stop working properly.

The purpose of these watch winder tools is to ensure that the watches continue to work even when they are not being worn, thus prolonging the life of the watches.

Why Should You Get a Watch Winder?

Wristwatches are designed to be worn, as we mentioned before, and their working mechanisms are prepared accordingly. In fact, this applies to every technological tool.

Tools designed in accordance with the area of ​​use may cause malfunctions if they are not used for a certain period of time. These tools, also called watch winders, are designed to keep watches working properly when not in use.


To explain the working mechanism of watch winders with an easy and everyday example, you can think of your car that you left in the garage for a long time. The mechanics of motor vehicles are based on the operation of engines.

You can not set out without taking care of your vehicle that you have not driven for a long time because your car may occur mechanical problems.

A car in your garage that has not been used for a certain period of time is more likely to malfunction when started than a vehicle used regularly. You can see watch winders as someone who regularly uses and maintains your car in the garage.

When you are not using your wristwatch, you can keep it working by attaching it to your winder box. Thus, your watch will not stop when you take it off from your wrist. On the contrary, it will continue to work from where it left off. So, when you come and park your car, you can think of it as someone who will take care of it and run it from time to time.

How Do Watch Winders Work?

The working mechanism of watch winders is quite simple. It helps you to work properly by wearing your wristwatch, which you take off when you are not wearing it.

You can start the rotation by inserting your watch into the soft mold created by imitating your wrist, placing it in your watch winder box, and pressing the function button. The rotating part in the box is made to imitate the movements of your wrist. The working principle of this mechanism is based on the working principle of the balance wheels in automatic watches.

The balance wheels in automatic watches are designed in accordance with the wrist movements that the watches will likely encounter when worn on the wrist. Watch winders also create a revolution and provide the movement necessary for the wheels to work.

Thus, the movement-sensitive wheels inside the automatic wristwatch do not interrupt their operation, and your watch continues to work as on your wrist. So, if we recall the car example, putting your wristwatch in the watch winder is kind of like handing over your car to an expert.

Advantages of Watch Winders


The most significant advantage of watch winders is to help your watches work properly and thus extend their life.

They help automatic watches, which stop due to their mechanisms when worn, continue working by providing their cycle. However, the only advantage of watch winders is not to keep your automatic wristwatches working properly.

Watches that continue to work even when not worn will be in their current settings when you wear them again. In other words, if you take off your wristwatch before going to sleep and wear it when you wake up, you will have to set your automatic watch, which is not placed in the winder, every day when you wake up.

You need to update the time and the current day’s date. Repeating this process every day can be overwhelming and a waste of time. But if you use a watch winder, you can continue to use your watches as they are because your automatic watches will continue to work and stay updated thanks to the rotation inside the winder.

Another advantage of watch winders is that they help keep your watches safe. They are protected in their boxes against any impact or impact that may come from the outside. They do not break in situations such as falling.

However, they are also protected from dust and dirt where they are located. All these factors extend the life of your wristwatches. Your watches always look brand new and clean.

Usage Areas of Watch Winders

Watch winders have more uses than you might think. These tools are especially preferred by those with watch collections.

Automatic wristwatches are not only functional but also a part of clothing. Therefore, watch winders, which are an essential part of those who wear wristwatches according to their clothing, ensure that all your watches continue to work.

Those who change their watches according to their daily clothes can store the remaining watches in the watch winders, thus ensuring that the watches not worn during that day are up-to-date, their lifespans are extended, and possible malfunctions can be prevented.

Likewise, watch winders, which are very useful for watches taken out while sleeping, can be preferred. Although most automatic wristwatches are waterproof, they are also useful for those who take off their watch in case of contact with water or non-waterproof watches.

In your watch winder, you can protect the watches that you do not want to take with you while swimming in the pool or sea. There are many reasons to choose watch winders, which are a reliable wrist to wear your watch instead.

You can choose to watch winders to prolong the life of your watches and avoid potential problems due to their multiple advantages. Whether you have a single watch or a watch collection, watch winders will provide you with many conveniences.