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The winding watch box can be used as a safe with the winding feature that keeps more than one watch on time

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Our Automatic Winding Watch Boxes are made up of high density glass board outer material, shock resistant and great in design. Being made of microfiber leather, our interior materials create a stylish backdrop for your watch. The fact that our engine type is Japanese mabuchi gives you the opportunity to use it ultra-quietly. The fact that our security system has a fingerprint recognition option provides high-quality security, your watches will be closed for use by others other than you. The sleep mode is defined to provide ease of use during your travels and you can secure your watches with the two-year warranty process we have provided to you. 

Anti-magnetization ensures the precise operation of our watch. Automatic Winding Watch Box with intelligent winder control system completes the intermittent setup program for a period of 24 hours, and then starts again the next day does not require reset. It is covered with chrome metal and dark microfiber leather, which contrasts with the plush interior, has an extremely long service life. They will look very appropriate in your bedroom, office and home. It can be a perfect gift choice for your family, friends and relatives on special occasions. Automatic jul watch box helps you keep your watches always working and clean Our boxes have stylish designs that you can use anywhere.

Outer Material : High Density Pine Board
Inner material : Microfiber Leather
Storage For : Watches
Motor Type  : Japanese Mabuchi
Interior Color : Black
Outer Color : Piano Black
Power Unit : Adapter + Battery
LED Lightning : Yes
Warranty : 2 Year
Sleep Mode : Yes
Noiseless : Yes
Rotation Direction : CW, CCW, Bi-Direction
Security System : Fingerprint Recognition
Automatic Homing
90° Vertical position upper chord auto-alignment after operation.
Super Quiet Motor to Safeguard Your Sound Sleep
Upgraded components reduce the annoying sound. Japan MABUCHI motor inside is long lasting, extremely silent when running.
Fingerprint unlocking
FPC semiconductor sensor improve unlock security,High-speed security recognition algorithm, unlocking the door only takes 0.001 seconds.
Multiple Rotation Settings Easy Use & Setup
An LCD display with touch control makes the setup process simple. An electronic controller counts every turn of the watch to maintain SUPREME WINDING PRECISION.

This Watch Winders will wind any automatic watch, the Turns per Day settings are : 650, 900, 1350, 1800, or 2200 in Either or Both Directions. Each Rotor can be set and individually controlled.

Additional extra functions
LED lights: Soft and not hurting eyes.
Adjustable Bracket
Designed for rotate larger or heavier automatic watches more securely with the “lock-in” watch Bracket and to wind your watch more professionally with the vertical watch Bracket position.
Anti-magnetic design keeps your watch running with precision and makes your watch safer in the watch winder box. It has large enough space to rotate your watch ,so please do not worry it hit your watch.
Intelligent winder control system
This Watch Winder will never over wind your watch, it completes its intermittent winding program during a 24 hour period and then starts again the following day, allowing your watch to run continually and wind ready for the next time you want to wear it, no resetting required. Perfectly mimicking natural winding whilst on your wrist. Plush Interior is finished in dark microfibre Leather with contrasting chromed metal. Fully Serviceable for exceptionally long life.
Time Never Stopped
Powered by 100-240v AC Adapter(included), it’s perfect to put in the bedroom, office and home. NOTE: This Model only power by AC adapter.
Exquisite Workmanship
100% handmade with 68 procedures Paint process need more than 30 days to completed, use of wood shell and PU Leather skin. It is a perfect gift for your family and friends on festival (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day) or Anniversary.

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Automatic Winding Watch Box

An automatic winding watch box is one of the products that can help you to keep your watches working and clean all the time. Of course, the design of these boxes is very important to create a pleasant look in any space you are going to use.

In this regard, KING offers one of the most stylish and futuristic winding boxes for you! This product is equipped with the latest technology to offer functionality and practicality at the same time. If you would like to learn more about this amazing product, then keep reading!

We have three unique models under this product, and you can pick any of them you like to place your order. Their prices vary depending on how many watches they can hold at the same time. This automatic winding watch box is one of the best products that we offer for watch lovers!

We have a team that has a deep passion for luxury and stylish watches. Thus, we truly understand the needs and expectations of watch owners while they are looking for winding boxes. Therefore, we assure you that you are going to love the specifications and models of these products a lot.

In the following headings, we have examined different aspects of our product. If you are planning to buy one of these models but looking for more information, then you may not want to miss this opportunity. So, let’s check the features of our product, one by one.

Automatic Winding Watch Box Specifications

Our automatic winding watch box offers 90-degree vertical position upper chord auto-alignment for our customers. We used a Japanese motor in this model, which runs silently. Thus, you will not have to worry about any noise whenever you place your watches in our product.

You can even keep this box right next to your head, which will never disturb you at all. Our high-tech box also offers a fingerprint unlocking feature for its users. In this way, you will make sure that no one but you can open the box and access your watches without your consent.

We offer three unique models in our automatic winding watch box product and each of them comes with an LCD that offers touch control. This will help you to make the required or preferred configurations without any challenge. Users can choose between 650, 900, 1350, 1800, or 2200 rotations during a day.

It is worth noting that each rotor in our product is controlled individually and they can rotate in both directions. Thanks to the soft lighting on our LED screen, it will not hurt your eyes even when you are going to use our product at night.

Our automatic winding watch box also has an anti-magnetization feature that offers enhanced protection for your watches. You will never have to worry about the precision of your watches anymore even though you may keep them in our product for many years. You need to plug in this box with its adapter to run it.

Automatic Winding Watch Box Models

Our automatic winding watch box has three unique models that you can choose from. The pricing of these models varies between $399 and $899. However, we will talk about the pricing of each model in the following section. In this section, we will purely focus on our models and their specifications.

Our first model has an upright design, and it can hold two watches at the same time. It has a built-in LED display with touch control. All the previously mentioned specifications of our product are valid for this model. If you are planning to test the quality of our products or have just a few watches, you may prefer this model.

Our second model can hold a bit more watches compared to our first model. It can hold up to four watches at the same time and has a square design. Thanks to its vault-like look, it can be a great decorative element that you may want to enjoy at your home or business.

The last and largest model of our automatic winding watch box can hold up to six watches at a time. Just like our first model, this one also has an upright design, which will help you to save space.

Thanks to the black design of our models, they look quite stylish, and they can perfectly match any decoration. In this respect, our models can be preferred for decorative purposes for any area you want. Besides offering superior protection for your watches, they can also beautify your living spaces.

Automatic Winding Watch Box Prices

Each of our automatic winding watch box models is offered at different prices. In this section, we are going to mention the prices of our models. If you want, you can also choose our models on top of this page and check their prices.

Our smallest and first model is available for $399, while our second model is available at $599. Our last and largest model is available for $899. Please keep in mind that all our products and models are designed in Switzerland, and they are premium-quality products.

You will be purchasing your automatic winding watch box just once and using it for a lifetime. If you follow the industry trends, then you might already know that we offer the best features at the most affordable prices. Thus, you may not want to miss your chance to get one of these models as soon as possible.

KING backs all of its products, their quality, and their functionalities. Our Research & Development team constantly works on new prototypes and existing models to integrate new technologies into winder boxes. In this regard, we offer the most stylish and modern winder boxes for our customers.

We pay utmost attention to our customer satisfaction and serve you with our post-sale services. Our existing and potential customers can contact our support team whenever they need us. We offer 24/7 support for all our products or for anything that you simply need to get in touch with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information about our automatic winding watch box models.

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